Switching between performance packages


Hi, I'd like to know if we can constantly switch between performance packages while using a monthly plan. Or is this a fixed, one time selection upon sign-up?


Yes, every time you spin up your SkyComputer you can select the performance what you want :slight_smile:


Can free users pick the performance pack elite?


yes but you need to save the free skycredits of one weekend to play about 15 min per credit


15 mins per credit? You mean 4 mins right?


1 skycredit = 15 min in the elite package


You sure were you get that information because that's way too much mins for a skycredit.


They've switched from per-hour to a per-minute basis. So it's not 4 credits per hour, but 4 per minute on Elite. Therefore, you get e.g. 2400 credits instead of 40 with the 9,99 tier.