Terrible Performance


My crappy 6 year old laptop with 150+ mods on Skyrim Special Edition gets 20 fps. With Liquid, I get about 30-40.
On Rimworld, the game slows to a crawl after having a few buildings up.


Edit: this is on Skyrim Ultra settings.
Edit 2: Those were on LiquidSky "High" on "Ultra" I someone how get 20-25 fps/


too many people using ultra in game settings for video. back in the day, ultra settings in game would make game colorish, bloomy, shiny, not realistic. it was experimental setting to see how far games can go for review purposes, technology testing etc. I keep all my games on normal, auto. Gaming since 1992.

If you feel you should get more, for example you detected a pattern of bad performance across all games, even nondemanding. Delete sky computer, change data center and test again.


This whole service is rendered pointless if you aren't using it for performance. Its the whole point of this service. What you suggested doesn't help. Apparently many people have stated what I have witnessed as well.


Yeah, I can't recall my performance with ultra settings on Skyrim:SE but I know it made me go back to high though. Indoors, you know like caves and what not I got about 60 fps, outside it was in the high 30's and mid 40's. I had a bunch of mods as well.

But yeah, the GPUs and other hardware is getting upgraded. Things like this, one does have to be patience, it's new tech I can't wait to see how far they take.


I play battlefield 1 multiplayer, and I am having trouble playing competitively as game crashes sometimes or randomly freezes for 5 seconds during playing. Settings are auto, normal, there is no continuous lag.

Now, to consider to use this service for ultra performance purposes, I think we are far from that. Service doesnt yet offer stable functionality.