The 30 FPS Lock Make Everything So Much Better


I think I’ve mentioned this earlier when discussing the Witcher 3, but let me say it again.

I downloaded the Dishonored 2 demo just now and noticed that the Gamer plan was struggling with high setting. However, as soon as I locked it to 30 FPS instead of 60 FPS (you gotta turn V-sync off for that), the game became super stable and felt very smooth. Wish ever game out there had this option!


Yeah, it’s really weird, but it has helped me quite often. I can only guess that it’s because less data is generated by the game, so the stream isn’t so packed.


It is weird, but hey, who are we to complain, especially when it works wonders, right? I did notice, though, that it only helps with games that hang around in the 30-60 FPS range and never go below 30.

Say, in the FFXV demo, there’s also a 30FPS lock, but since the FPS drops below 30 and even 20 constantly, that doesn’t seem to introduce any stability. I tried it on Pro yesterday and literally got the same performance. I hope that will be fixed soon!


At 20fps and below, it’s just normal ingame stuttering. 15fps is pretty unbearable. So yes, your fix doesn’t increase performance, and doesn’t help in all situations. But it does help stabilize the stream during peak time, and that’s a huge gain.


Absolutely, it’s not a “cure for all problems”, but in some games, the difference in stability is obvious.


Check out RTSS or Rivatuner Statistics Server. It has a miraculously stable frame lock and has saved some games for me.


I agree, it helped me a lot with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Still doesn’t help when the system isn’t capable of delivering 25+ FPS, though.


Well, at server load it can’t be helped.


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