The anxiety as CES LS event comes today


The day you have been waiting finally here! Now the time..Its little far away it seems like. I think there will be a few things announced:
MS Server 2016 (Windows 10)
Upgraded hardware which we know the GPU for sure.
Free subscriptions (Gamer Plan) to all viewers? (They have mentioned this...just hard to believe)
A nice smooth game play experience?
Less bandwidth requirement? I think this ruins it for all as it needs at least 10MBs/ps and internet is expensive in america.
Native full screen support? (So we don't have to hit F11 all the time)
USB over IP native?
hmmmm just what could it be?


Yeah i don't sleep today its awesome


yea really I have been mashing the twitch button to see if anything comes up and its not even close to time :stuck_out_tongue:


im in the twitch waiting too xd


welp.... not gonna sleep tonight :smiley:


Anybody got the exact time for the stream?


Its going to be in 5 hours and 40 min from now


1 AM in Paris.
Thanks for the European guys.


Would have prefered earlier but it's a Friday and I'm a night owl that's just got home from a busy day so kinda glad I didn't miss anything. Anticipation has kicked in now though :wink:


You've just literally grabbed all that from that news site (not gonna say which) that accidentally posted it earlier today didn't you? xD

Literally, in the same order as they wrote the article as well haha


No, they have mailed me...


you are right!
Unfortunately, I have children, I have to get up tomorrow... :wink:



It's still better for you guys
The farther east you go the worse it gets

Thank the lord for them redbulls


Removed my post due to fear that it may be breaking the rules somehow (even though I don't think it is) or fear of it affecting my chances of alpha access.


Mostly expecting Tesla's GPUs and as a matter, of course Windows Server 2016. If the update is good, LiquidSky wins the cloud gaming.


Yea, if they do that, nVidia is fucked since LiquidSky will be powerful, packaged with more acces and net and cheaper, meaning it will be overall better. I think that we´ll be observing the dawn of the new "Cloud Gaming" Era :smiley:


after watching that announcement - I couldn't agree more. So glad I held off buying a beast gaming rig that I planned to get in a few months!


Damn, i´m so hyped for it and now i have to wait some more :frowning:, but whatever i´m sure it´ll be worth it and they´ll bring it to perfection before we get our hands on it :slight_smile:


Im not kidding you guys, I made that list up without reviewing anything else except what I had on mind. What a coincidence this is!


Now if we could get some more details about the Monthly Plans that now start at 9.99, that'd be great.

(PS LiquidSKY, this shindig better stop the freezes, the Fps drops, the lagspikes)