The cheapest specs could go with LS?


I’m considering buying a new pc or laptop. However, my budget is very limited (around $50-100) plus i want to save cost. So I’m wondering what is the most low-end specs that could run LS smoothly?


The minimum specifications are at least Windows 8 and up, 2 GB of RAM, 250 MB of storage and an Intel HD 4000 and up iGPU (though for now you might want to try and get something a bit higher- there is a bug with the new renderer which can give you a green screen [not that staff haven’t been working on it but they are pretty busy with Enterprise projects at the moment]).

In the side it is possible to run the client in a lower specced machine, but with said renderer issues you’re probably going to be decoding the stream on your CPU then.


You won’t be able to get a new pc or laptop with that money.
You can get it used yes if sellers are willing to go at that price point.


Actually I intend to buy used machine, however most of them are just dual core or core 2 duo, so I don’t wonder if they could run LS. The cheapest new laptop I found is around $250 with celeron n3350 and 2gb ram.


The required specs never mention the recommended CPU, so I take that LS would only run smoothly on core i3 and above, right?


No thats what Noob was saying, its the dual core (2008 year) that I suggest you avoid because those are the chipsets that give you the greenscreens.
Honestly I would at least try to get a minimum 4th gen Intel cpu i3 cpu to ensure that it works.