The client doesn't working after update


After previous update, client started lagging and freezing. Is everyone else have same problem?


What are the specifications of your setup (CPU, RAM, OS, etc.)? Also try enabling stream stats in stream settings (click on the LS logo on the top left) to see if there’s anything off (could be something other than the client, hard to tell until you try).


Sorry for the late reply. My problem is- lagging picture.
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
AMD Radeon A8
Radeon HD 8550G
One second,I will upload screen of stream setting.




Hmmm- try toggling hardware acceleration if you can- unfortunately APUs have trouble decoding the stream on the iGPU but the CPU should handle it just fine.


It works the Same :frowning:


Then unfortunately you’d have to wait on an update from staff- Morgna’s trying to bump it up on the priority list. (was originally going to suggest something except it shouldn’t be the case).


oh,okay. I will wait.


Is there any news about this problem?


Nothing yet sadly- the issue for staff is addressing several parts of the client, including the streamer. That adds another layer of complexity in fixing the bug, as when it comes to software it’s very easy to fix one thing, but break another.