The client is sooo laggy


My client is so freaking laggy. Sometimes a green screen is displayed for 3 seconds..
I changed the quality to 720p. Help me..


Yes I'm curious about this as well. I far surpass the internet speed requirements , and I live in Washington DC so I'm right beside the data center, yet my screen freezes and chops really often a lot of times. I often also get 4-5 second complete screen freezes. Any idea whats going on here?


I used to play Onlive on my Mac and absolutely loved the experience. On the exact same Mac, Liquidsky is much, much slower. Games are unplayable. Is there going to be a radical speed increase when the client is out of beta?


Maybe LiquidSky is working on the datacenter do you tried another on already?


Well this has been going on since I joined the service about 3 months ago. Surely any data center issues would have been settled by now.


Ok then I dont know you already created a ticket?