The controller mapping on pc,the right analog stick,gamesir,wouldn't work



Hi,the controller mapping on the right analog stick wouldn’t work.Playing Resident evil 6.On the PC/Windows client.Other buttons work fine.Only the right analog stick.

Xbox 360 Input is Borked

What about other games? (Is it just RE 6?)


Other games might be affected too.I think.But I’ll give it a try.


Just tried call of duty black ops 3 and it’s the same problem.


Here’s proof of how buggy the controller is.I tried remapping it but it didn’t help.It’s affected with other games too.


Ok,so I’ve tried plugging in xbox 360 controller and it worked nicely.No hiccups or messy controls.Here’s proof:


Do you try it on Android?
There are 2 apps I use here to check if its the device thats broken or on LS


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