The Division On A Discount


I installed the trial version of The Division on LS and enjoyed it very much. Now, it offers me to buy the full version for 50 bucks and continue where I left off. However, in the Russian Ubi store, it costs only 10 bucks (I live in Moscow). Is there a way for me to buy the cheaper version and still be able to continue with my progress in the game? All those different regions and policies are a bit confusing for me.


Not sure how that’d work- but if they follow Steam you might be only able to play it in Russia (don’t know personally as I’ve only played in the US only [I’ll try later on my test account if necessary though])… Though I suppose you could try their support and explain to them the situation. They might be able to help.


Thanks, I’ll try Ubi’s support. Hopefully, they’ll help me sort this out.


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