The Division - Runs great, but weird glitch occurring


So The Division runs pretty good on the High Pc with the presets the game puts automatically.

However I ran into quite the weird glitch. Enemies dont load in / are invisible and as such, it makes the game unplayable.

Sure, this probably has to do with Ubisoft's amazing pc porting, but I feel its a problem the SkyComputer may have as I searched around in forums and discussions and some people relate the invisible enemies to CPU issues.

Anyone else gave the Division a spin in this free weekend? If you did, did you come across this issue?


I want plaaaaaaaaaaaaay, dont have credits, you have a beta just for try it? im waiting the holyday sales for buy the unlimited plan


Run it on ultra. These glitches are caused by low VRAM.


The game works fine with Ultra yeap :slight_smile:


Well apparently this is thanks to both Ubisoft and the pc. Ubisoft mostly as their servers were kind of saturated with the ammount of players.

Still, I don't feel like wasting 2 credits per hour so Im probably skipping The Division until they buff the SkyComputers.


This game is free to play on steam till Sunday night I think. This game is extremely hard to play, especially with a controller. No glitching for me, but the enemies are good at taking cover and they due more damage per shot (totally unfair lol).


I didnt have much issue with KB and Mouse, my issue in general with it are the bullet sponges they call enemies.

Though the invisible mobs and walls really gave me a chuckle. Ubisoft really needs to get sued or something of that scale so that the games they produce don't diarrhea themselves on a good chunk of gamers.


Invisible walls......seriously man. The crouching system allows for sneaking around corners, but if you don't do it exactly right you stand up and take bullets to the face. Lol

I read an article a while back that said one of the major updates actually made the game worse. Lol

I am excited about the Ghost Recon Wildlands game for 2017.


Look at the Division's minimum requirements. It requires at least 2GB of VRAM. Good luck with sueing Ubisoft.


Well it runs pretty good on the High Pc. No framedrops, no stuttering. But the invisible enemies are obviously a server side issue. It's incredible how little Ubisoft cares for their consumers.

And I am not the only person complaining about the invisible enemies. Plenty of reviews complain about this issue too. So no, they really deserve getting sued, perphaps not for the Division, but the trash-tier quality their games come out with.

It's freaking stupid.