The idea of LiquidSky


I think the idea of LiquidSky was the best thing that came out of the past year. I cannot wait for the full release. Thank you developers of LiquidSky for coming up with such a great idea!


I am not even sure all of the developers were alive, when the idea of cloud computing emerged.

Nevertheless, I am glad they are making a commitment to offering a viable service, technically as well as economically.

As some of the latency is just inherent to the solution, I am still not sure I want to go ahead and build a gaming PC still, just because of the twitch genres I prefer. It might also be having grown up with a local gaming system and being used to no lag at all with my input. While using LS Ive come to appreciate that on a whole new level.

I am very curious if their new compression system makes a difference, or for that matter, if NVidia might offer a technically superior solution.



I feel like if NVidia teamed up with LiquidSky then this would be even better. Also, thank you for teaching me that cloud computing was around since the 1970's, I didn't know that. And just to be clear, the "idea" that I was referring to was the idea of making a "gaming setup" (Because I don't know if this would count as a gaming setup) available on phones. It's my fault that I didn't make it clear enough and I apologize for that


Also, please excuse my lack of technical knowledge. I'm only 14 years old so I don't know much about the technical side of things.


The liquidsky we have right now uses NVIDIA technology. The newer version coming march will use AMD.


I am sorry, I really do not mean to troll you but fact checking is just so easy on the internet. You should make it your practice before putting something out there.
OnLive is generally known to have tried cloud gaming first, not able to make it work though. I am almost positive there was some solution of a phone client in a similar manner even before that really.

Other than that, it's great to hear you are 14 and still do not just want to game but also participate in discussion on the topic here. Keep it up and take my this as an opportunity to make your posts more worthwhile to others. Cheers.


Oh, ok. Sorry. I'm new to LiquidSky and didn't know.


Yeah, sorry about not fact checking. I was being lazy. And it's alright, if
I'm wrong or in need of any type of correcting, it's alright to point out
what's wrong. I was just being lazy since it was late and didn't think to
fact check. Sorry about that as well as making my previous message not
worthwhile. I'll try to make fact checking my practice.

Thank you though, I really appreciate the kindness that the LiquidSky
community has to bring, as well as thi kindness you've shown in your
previous messages.

-Marshal DeFord (Springtrapthefirst)