The Mighty Steam Controller


I recently got a Steam Controller for a relatively good deal and right out of the box I see a lot of potential for this piece of hardware. I want to get make syncing my Steam Controller up with LS as easy and painless as possible; I posted a response to a similar thread from like a year ago and was encouraged by a mod/admin to make a new post. So, here it is:

How can LS customers interested in using a Steam Controller set up tweaks or fixes to make things run smoothly?

Thanks for taking the time to read this, Happy Gaming!! :slight_smile:


So did you get it to work? I would think you go in to setting in steam Big Picture and let it know you are using a Steam controller if It doesn’t detect it.


You have to use a software called virtual here USB. It’s $50 but it’s worth it. (Compared to other competitors) you’re able to use more than just the emulated Xbox controller and more than 1 device. The client goes on the sky computer and the server goes on the local device you have. As a matter of fact i recently just started using my steam controller today. if you go to the support forums you’ll see my topic .


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