The Payment System - Improvement



I have been using LIquid Sky for a while now.

I have to say, Liquid Sky has completely changed the way that I work.

Being a freelancer, I sometimes have to work from home when everyone is sleeping.

Rendering a project is usually reserved to daytime working hours.

Now, with Liquid Sky, I can render a project in the middle of the night if I want to, without

waking up family members with a noise PC Fan.

More over, Liquid Sky has that extra boost of PC power when I need it, then I can continue working on my home

PC, while the cloud does the heavy lifting.

Okay, so now I get to my suggested feature. The only problem that I have experinced so far, is the payment system.

I understand that LiquidSky is in Beta and these things happen, so this isn't a criticism, just a suggestion :smiley:

I would like to suggest adding the feature of allowing the user to change their method of payment in the account section, before actually making a payment.

Two months on the run, I have struggled to make a payment of my monthly subscription from paypal.

I have also struggled to nail down the proble, LiquidSky support has been very good and helped me every step of the way.

I have now resorted to downgrading to Pay as You Go, simply to avoid the monthly problem.

I am paying a little more for Pay as You Go and have less storage, but I think it is probably worth the peace of mind at this point and I use DropBox for my work.

The drive in the cloud is only used for installing software.

I was advised by Liquid Sky that using something like DropBox would be a good way to go, so that I don't lose and data in the cloud.

I am looking forward to the new changes to LiquidSky and hope to be using this service for many years.

Best Wishes


Hey Davey!

Thanks for the excellent feedback. We will be looking towards improving our payment system including our website flow to allow ease of access when trying to make a payment.

Both our website and client are undergoing heavy changes, so rest assured we will take this suggestion to heart and try to make it as easy as possible for our users to change and modify their payment method before making a payment.

Thanks for stopping by in the forums and hope to see you in the Sky! :slight_smile: