The relase date for the new liquidsky its from 1 march or 7 for march?


Sorry im confused its from 1th or 7th ?

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Plz make servers for chile and latin america :slight_smile:


I read it as March 14, 2017 actually.


Ok thanks vey much :slight_smile:


That’s how I read it as well. The servers will all be off from March 7th until March 14th for updates. During that time, if you’re an existing customer, you will be able to download the new client and start watching ads to earn credits which you can use when the servers come back online on the 14th.


So we can earn free ad credits even if the server location is having maintenance


Idk i think in 1 march launch the beta of the new client


No, new servers will be up on March 14th.


Right. Here is the link explaining it all.

"That’s why we are pleased to announce that the new LiquidSky will be available for users to download and migrate to on March 7th, 2017!"

"Users will then receive access to the new SkyComputers featuring a plethora of massive updates such as vGPU upgrades, further reduced latency will be available March 14th, 2017! “

"All SkyComputers and servers will be upgraded during our system-wide maintenance which will be held from March 7th – March 14th."