The two keys are already given, sorry!


Who wants one key? :wink:


Can you give me a key? :innocent::christmas_tree:


What are you doing with all these keys?!


please give me one .-)


I have PM you!

Another key available!....


Play, only give 3 credits, they end quickly.


Ok ok...
I have give you a key there's one or two weeks, so I will give her to another guy.
Why you don't want to pay?...
Best regards


Hey man, Do you know if I can use Liquidsky on 2 computers at the same time?


I don't know, but when you open your Skycomputer on a computer, you can close the client without shutdown the Skycomputer and retrieve him on another computer or tablet.
I haven't tried to use the Skycomputer on the two at the same time, but I think you can't login with two clients at the same time.


Can you give me a key? :wink:


Sorry, I've already gift the two keys!


Can you give me a key I never use sky computer I want to use one time please give me a key


As he said "Sorry, I've already gift the two keys!"