They asked the IP number and ISP


Hello there,

I purchased NBA 2k16 a month ago.
After several hours I still had the problem to connect to the 2k server.

I always got the same error: efeab30c.
I looked into several forums and many users had reported the same issue. Sometimes solved in a mysterious way..

anyway.. I decided to ask help to the 2k support and after some emails they asked me to provide them the IP number of the computer and the ISP (Internet Service Provider). (for instance the IP of the liquidsky PC and its ISP).
I denied because was (for me) a bit of "privacy" issue (for LiquidSky I suppose)
Is it something of legal asking me for this info????

The guy answered me:
"_I understand that you are not allowed to provide some of the information we required, due to a contract you signed with LiquidSky.

Unfortunately, it seems that I don't have any further troubleshooting steps to provide you. In my opinion, your error code issue is due to a conflict between Liquidsky and Prolexic (a security device that prevent DDOS attacks for instance), which may analyze your LiquidSky outgoing connections as dangerous, preventing you to connect online.

I understand this might be an annoying situation, but I'm honestly running out of solutions. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused._"


Now I have payed a game that I cannot play basically (or let's say that I can play half of its modes) unlessI give these info!
But seriously?

What you think??


You are free to give them your LiquidSky instance IP. IP Addresses are needed to troubleshoot the issue at hand.


Many gaming servers block datacenter IPs to avoid DDOS or fake registrations. I don't think it is a problem if you give them the IP and ISP. Actually, you would help future players to solve this problem. Not everyone knows LS yet, so it is a good thing to introduce Liquidsky's IPs to game servers managers.


IP addresses are issued to distinguished each person on the internet. The only people that can really get your identity is the government and even then they have to have a court order to do that. Don't be afraid to give the address away.


Hello there!
Hi followed your suggestion: I gave all the info.

I got this answer:
"We can now see what the exact problem is. If you open up the TraceRoute text file, you will notice three lines including "" followed by a series of lines stating that your request has timed out. This means that you don't have a secure connection to our servers.

Unfortunately, there is very little we can do from our side as far as this issue is concerned. The only way to move forward is to contact your internet service provider and request a secure connection to our servers. If they aren't able to assist you with this, then we have exhausted the troubleshooting that we can offer regarding this issue."

Now? What I should do with Liquidsky?!


I'm assuming that all of your communication with game support was through email or some other written forum? If that's the case, then just open up a support ticket to LiquidSky with everything from the game support team and they should be able to help you from that point on.


You should do as what they just said and call your isp and kindly ask them for them to test your internet for lag and packet loss.


Hi Dev, yes. That is the case.
Sorry for the dumb question, what is a "support ticket to LS"?

Who I have to contact? A post here in the forum ? In which section?
Or should I send an email to LS?


If you go to the website and log in, there's a little option that shows up on the bottom of the right side saying "Chat for Support". You can submit a ticket there, or you can email


Yea do what Devshard said and make sure you use the email address if you can't chat for support so don't panic if you don't see the chat for support button.