This article discusses how cloud computing may outperform PCs in the near future


Very interesting read and claims transistor size and Moore's Law is near it's limit. On page 17 and 18 it starts to mention cloud computing.

Layered (Stackable) CPUs and 3D (Cubicle) CPUs are also mentioned


Excellent Read!

Thanks for sharing with the community, Dave!

One can only hope LiquidSky can help pave the way for the future of Cloud PC Gaming~



This is one of the many reasons I use cloud for everything from magazines to movies to now with liquidsky games. The use anywhere appeal is great but more than that the really cheap devices you need to use and eccess this content is more accessible to more people.

I am aware of the current internet problem people have with speeds and quality and I know how lucky I am to have good fast and cheap internet on both my phone and home fibre.


My Galaxy S5 isn't worth $100 to most cellphone shops, especially since it doesn't get a cellular signal anymore. Now it's better than most mobile gaming devices available & priceless since I can play any game in full HD quality. Lol.


Cloud computing is becoming popular because it is cheap for using a top-of-the-line computer without shelling out several thousand just to be able to play the latest games. If you have a subscription to LS you get all the upgrades and everything you need for a low monthly price that is affordable to do. It is much easier for me to pay $40 per month instead of $3,000 that there is not way that I can get a hold of with bad credit being a big factor. Even if you think your gaming rig is worth a lot in 2017 but then in 2019 you will need to shell out probably another $1,000 in order to upgrade your rig to meet the current demands in 2019. Graphics are advancing FAST. There is no limit to how good graphics can be or how many objects that are on the screen at once and when you are creating a game, you will want to put the best graphics in it to compete with other games.


Yup exactly the reason why I've been using LS for 5 months is because 1 I suck at saving and 2 you get to use a computer that costs thousands for a monthly fee that's under $50 and soon in march at $10 a month with hopefully the ability to purchase more credits when and if needed


If you've never owned a mid range PC or up before and you are lucky to have a stable and fast internet provider i can see why people think Cloud gaming is the way forward for them.

From my experience of the current model I can say it's no where near the performance of my low power Mid range rig which has the benefit of being always available 24/7 at no extra cost than a few pence in electric and performace is far superior. Cost no more than a year of unlimited Liquid Sky.

In theory the new model in March should blow my PC out of the water performance wise but if the latency and stream quality isn't there then it certainly won't. 1080p maxed out but with a poor stream quality you may as well be playing at half the resolution. Fingers crossed those two things will be ironed out and the new influx of people joining won't make it even worse.

Not trying to me negative just giving my genuine findings fo far. I want all cloud streaming to to work as ultimately it should become the norm at some point in the hopefully not to distant future. Also the free tier if it stays is a great thing for people with little money to be able to experience and use a PC.


Yes, there are many benefits to cloud gaming that everyone can enjoy. First, there are people who want to build a gaming pc system but need to save money first. There are also people who want try out games to see if building a pc is worth the investment. You also have people who have broken PCs or outdated PCs who want to continue gaming while they wait to get them fixed. Most everyone has a smartphone or old notebook pc to try out Liquidsky.

I made a thread about my recent pc build project and how it ended up going over budget, left me with many spare parts not returnable, and was far from being able to run a 2015 game decently. It was a Low Profile build and suffered from over-heating as well as technical road blocks as far as upgrading for the future. Just recently the GTX 1050ti Low Profile video card was released allowing me a chance to make use of what I figured was a total waste of a pc build.

I see myself using Liquidsky as a bridge to combat unexpected pc problems that keep me from gaming.


There also seems to be a bit of confusion about how speed and ping doesn't always mean the best quality of service.

Now people have to learn about packet loss.

It'd be great if all isps could handle liquidsky without issue but the more people that complain to their ISPs about stream quality the better the quality of service. Still early days though. Only 3 or 4 years ago there would be no way I could use this in australia with acceptable quality.


Well ISP's aren't to blame when their customers are trying to contact to LS from far outside the recommended distance, like for me I connect from over 2000 kilometers away to the Sydney server in Australia which is the closest Data Center for me.


I'm just saying that if you do meet the requirements and you are within 2000kms from the center don't assume the skycomputer is the reason for the lag. This type of streaming is new to most people and since it doesn't "just work" like netflix alot of people may dismiss it. But it is still PC gaming and troubleshooting is required.

Saying that once you have done the trouble shooting the end result is well worth it.


If they were within the range of the data center they are connecting to then its a question of either hardware or the connection they pay for with their ISP but if they pay for fibre 100 down and whatever up then I guess its a question of perhaps the hardware but I'd assume if they got fibre then they're likely to have a computer bought in the past 5 years which would eliminate that type of issue then I'd give up because I got 3 days off and to lazy to think any further lol