This doesn't automatically renew each month, does it?


Under my account it says that my next billing cycle is in January, but I don't want to continue using the service. There is no place to change your account status.


Yes, it will renew automatically. On "My Account" tab there is an option called "Downgrade Plan".


There is no option under "My Account" that has Downgrade Plan on it. I just paid 5 bucks to test try it out, since I registered back in November and tried to get a free trial almost everyday to no avail. So, decided to get the cheapest plan for 5 dollars and try it out.

So far, I'm not impressed. Apparently the closest data center to me is Washington DC, (I live in NY) and it was too far and was getting some pretty bad screen tearing even on the main menu of any game I downloaded, making this almost unplayable. I had my laptop running on wired and wireless, still same problem. I have 100mpbs speeds and something like 50mpbs upload with ping less than 10 ms. So not sure why I have this problem.

On another note: Apparently out of the 100gb storage I got, 50 of it is already gone just from downloading 2 games. Honestly, that's not very good. I used to use OnLive way back in the days and my data center was also in Washington DC. Never had many problems with them.

Anyways, how do I downgrade my plan or stop the service from reupping for the next month?


What you guys can do if you want to leave but keep your account open until the date of payment; cancel with That is their official payment provider. If you payed with PayPal or something they may have different methods to cancel. If you want to enjoy the rest of your trial/subscription, your better off to cancel with the payment processor and not downgrading your plan.


Thanks for the swift response. I just sent in a ticket with the transaction number from when I bought 10 skycredits, just hopefully in the near future there will be an option to have automatic enrolling or cancelling the subscription yourself.


I forgot to ask, but you have answered anyway. You're using Pay as you go plan. Pay as you go won't charge you automatically. It works only after you buy credits. You can only downgrade from Gamer and Unlimited plans.

The screen tearings seems to be from you laptop , it is not normal (I have 30+ms and 10mb internet speed and I don't have these screen tearings) since your internet seems to be stable. I believe you have changed decoders and played around with the quality slide, but have you upgraded your drivers?