This guy lies about liquidsky


He says then he can give beta keys (totally fake) He says then liquidsky have a gpu 980 ti

Says liquidsky is lagged becouse put you in a ramdom datacenter

Enter dislike and flag

Hes giveaway requeriments: be a sub, like and comment "participó" He is pooping in liquidsky

I bet he never use liquidsky


Great job ArsenicN!!! If someone is offering free key and he/she isn't affiliated by LiquidSky he/she is definitely a scammer. Report, Stay Away and be Safe :smiley:


Bro he lies about all of liquidsky

He says that liquidsky provides them with a random datacenter and that's why it goes wrong, he says that I wait 6 months for 2 beta keys to be given for 1 hour !! And says to announce the winner in 2 weeks, but the beta codes expire in a couple of days


At no time did I stay away and I'm sure to tell you all the mistakes in what he said about liquidsky


In no time I stayed away and sure, I comment all the errors in what he said of liquidsky*


It says things that do not make sense on liquidsky, you would have to activate the subtitles and see ...


good job man :+1::+1:


This is a lie considering all beta key end in 3-days after receiving them. I think he is just trying to make himself popular by saying all that crap. In reality the keys will expire and he will just be ripping off users. I hope he gets a nice long ban like a permanent ban! :slight_smile:


In a few minutes i want yo traslate you a comment of a member of the community, he says all the true, and he says, "no, they update liquidsky today" :joy: