This is trending on Youtube, so I wonder if it works with Liquid Sky?



I got a similar laptop for my nephew for liquidsky and it’s been working great, I also went and bought my daughter a new momitor which cost more than this laptop and it was the cheapest one I could find. These laptops are so cheap.


does it support liquidsky? yes, it will support it, worth it? wait for a sale.


Yeah, I’m just wondering what’s better for running LS for under $200.
An Android tablet or laptop?


Depends on what else you want to do with it. I’d say go for windows if your internet is good the you can use other programs like discord and virtualhere to add to it’s usability. But android handles low bandwidth better as far as I can tell.


Bought it and yes, its perfect with LS.


Under $200 the hardware will do the job. Im using hardware under $80 and LS plays well. Right away hovewer, LS gives very few controller options on android other than a 3rd party controller. With an android tablet, youll have some errors trying to use a mouse, as android added support with 8.0. With older android releases which most tablets have, youll have to root the tablet and install an 3rd party app to add mouse support.


What you describing does not help with
using skycomputer mouse cursor .

Android cursor does not deactivate skycomputer mouse cursor.

Because touch controls are never deactivated in skycomputer is onlybreason your android mouse appears to be working. You will see issues like games losing Input focus, games dropping back to big picture mode and random apps being opened in desktop whilst you been playing steam games.

You gave thread discussing that so I will not derail this one but felt the need to highlight this to you once more, since I know for sure what you are describing is neither a workaround nor a solution.

Now is not a good time to be trying to find a solution because of steam client bugs and LS overlay tools bugs .

What the problem is skycomputer mouse cursor floating around cloaked and unseen. You will see double input related issues with android cursor also activated because the two cursors are not synced.

Mouse cursors have been around on android since at least lollipop. They certainly are not new or unique to Oreo users.

I have found using stylus on android touchscreen device is the slickest way to use skycomputer desktop, because it blocks touchscreen input for half a second which stops double input issues!.


I’m actually impressed on how HP was able to get to this low of a price point to end consumers. The CPU alone retails for $107 (and yes its likely that Intel gave HP a huge discount buying these in bulk)

When I watched the video yesterday the 1st thing that came in mind was LS.
I say if you just want to use this for LS, web browsing and typing up documents, checking Facebook etc its perfect. For portability its great.


Technically, I would consider this a netbook or chromebook because it does not have a DVD drive or high capacity hard drive.

Sounds like some LS users are experiencing keyboard and mouse issues on certain android devices.


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