This Needs To Be Said


OK, I feel that this need to be said now. To the people spamming the forums and crying foul over this new pricing policy, I get that its stupid. I get that they made a bad call. I get that you feel disrespected, and used. I get it. But please, be respectful when addressing these things. I’ve gone through A LOT of threads that have several less than pleasant responses. As a couple of users have said, the best way to show how you are affected is to just not use the service at all. Don’t buy a sub. Don’t buy credits. Don’t hand over money. And while I get that for some of you its easier said than done, keep in mind that this is the ONLY way to really show management that what they did was wrong. Crying about it on the forums and slinging dirt all over the place is in no way helpful. Just vote with your wallet people; stop using their service, and things will change for the better.

SkyCredit Policy Update 5/29

I love your optimism.


I mean, the only reason why campaigns like these normally don’t work s because people still pay anyway. Like, if only a couple users don’t sub, then no big deal. However, if a majority of the base decides to jump ship, then they’ll have pressure from investors to change something real quick.


Please note that there have been changes made to the SkyCredit policy.