Tip: Deactivate 'Hardware Acceleration'


then you can get lower latency


Unless your cpu is old or your gpu is good.


Like @DimMonkey said, if you have like a laptop with integrated graphics(like intel hd 3000 or 4000) or a old pc with a crappy gpu, then you should turn off hardware acceleration, if your pc is more recent, you should turn on hardware acceleration


Gonna try this next time I load in… this may help me out with some latency I have been getting lately. If it doesn’t, then it may be time to get a spare ethernet cable. :wink:


I don’t understand why people want to turn off hardware acceleration. For a very long time now the graphic components have had hardware video decoding so the cpu won’t get bogged down doing it. your cpu needs the graphic components to do that especially if you have a older computer.

By having hardware acceleration on, the cpu has more time to run the program, also more ram is available for the program.

If you are seeing a negative effect with hardware acceleration on it is much more likely to be a software problem like the graphics driver getting corrupted, and you need to uninstall it, and reinstall with the latest drivers.


I’ve been tested and saw that, if you have a dedicated gpu, even like a gtx 460, you should keep it on, but if you have onboard graphics, just keep it off, on most cases, but you should try it out and see if it is working


I had a gt520 paired with a AMD 2800 the cpu is way more capable of decoding the video than the gpu. So yeah, it does happen.


I have an Intel HD 3000, and I have Hardware Acceleration on. If I deactivate it, I get a black screen, so I don’t understand when you say that if I have a bad GPU that I must turn it off.


On-board graphics (integrated graphics) must have hardware acceleration on, the CPU is too weak to handle the video stream so you gotta let the intergrated graphics do the work.


Hmm, weard, i had a hd 3000 and whenever i turned it on, i would have a endless lag, and with my other pc, with a 4000, the same happened, but with my nvidia gtx 1050, if doesn’t lag


Seems a bit random to me. My old T100 with Bay Trail gpu (stripped-down HD 2000) would only work properly with hw acceleration turned on. An i5 laptop with much stronger HD 520 lagged, so I had to turn it off. On my current laptop, it makes no difference with the built-in HD 620, and when I use its dedicated gpu (Geforce MX150), I get a black screen.
So basically, it’s up to every user to see what works best. I guess that’s why they just leave the switch as it is, there’s no way you could automate this properly.


It’s been running way better for my girlfriend. Her desktop is from way back when the Nvidia GeForce 315 was the coolest.


What driver version are you running for Intel HD 3000?
Make sure you are on and not as I had to rollback a driver to fix it.


As i don’t have my laptop anymore, i don’t remember, but i used to install Driver Booster to install all the drivers, so, probably, i had the most recent update


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