Torrency is not aloud!


I just have little bit of question on how donwload unlimited in the service will not fully as it does not allow to used torrency weather its a project or a software


Torrent is illegal it breaks the law and that's why they ban you if you try to install for example (utorrent,BitTorrent) they will ban for piracy downloads too so I'm telling you don't DO IT it's not worth losing access to LiquidSky


Torrents aren’t illegal, downloading legal torrents aren’t illegal.
I buy a lot from the Humble Bundle and they distribute many of their games through torrents along the direct download method.

So in other words, NO torrents are NOT illegal.
It’s like saying you may not use a pc or internet because you could download illegal stuff…

Downloading pirated software, music & music is illegal and shouldn't be done by anyone.
LS should block sites like Piratebay among others, and monitor unusual (high) up- & download activitiy.
When somebody is getting Trojans for example, than this could indicate that person is comminting piracy.

But to forbid Torrents at all would be wrong to my opinion.


Could not agree more in this case.
Torrent is a Tranferprotocol not a Pirate protocol.


We might hear something about it in the Twitch stream later.


I have a game file which I was playing in my own PC. I have uploaded it to Google drive. Can I download and reinstall from drive? Is it legal??


I think its a freeware or a gamefile that you have a license to, it must be no problem.


Thnx I really wanted to know


You own the game legally right? You didnt torrent some game and are trying to download said torrented game from google drive right?


No game is legit from steam


I agree if you read my other pots about torrents that they should be legal as they have a bunch of legal content.


Download from steam than why would you download from google drive?


Oh your right, I forgot that I can download Linux from LS at high speeds.../sarcasm


Ian talks about torrents in the twitch stream and clearly states you will be banned if you use them but he also stated you can plug a usb drive for passthrough and load software/roms onto your computer that way. So that's a work around for humble bundle/linux distros.


My post was for the other guy not you and in your case the site which originally hosts the Linux OS you seem to not like to download from is at fault not LS's gigabyte connection so I'm at a loss as to why you seem to point fingers at them lol.


I got the impression from Ian that Torrenting is fine and uploading Emulator roms as long as the torrent tracker is not from an illegal source and roms aren't download from warez sites. These will be flaged by an automated system and why he recommends uploading from a USB to reduce such a thing happening.

So legit trackers and sites should be fine, and you own the license key and/or original rom.
Downloading from a cloud drive should by proxy be fine too and less likely to be flaged unless there are any dubious crack files in there.

Finally he also said many have already been banned from such crack files being detected.


If I am going to pay a lot for speed; then I should get it. I should be able to use the gigabit speed download things faster than I would regularly would take forever to download and I should be allowed to use that speed on legit torrents and if a user wanted to download illegal torrents; let them. Their the ones who will be at fault if they get tracked down by the government; LS has log files and there is no reason for LS to be getting into our business anyways.


Can you imagine the man power that would require the time it would need? They would need to sort out those who download bit torrent and use it for legitimate torrrents and those who download it if Ian allowed that but used it to download pirated games/software/apps etc

It would just takeaway time from them where it could be best used elsewhere.

In any case where is the site you hate downloading it from? not the site you download the torrent files for linux but the original one?


Its about the files on the computer; not necessarily monitor the torrent protocol constant and not refusing us the ability to use torrent clients. They should be checking the downloaded files, not just the fact you have a torrent client.


You do realize that Ian is likely liable for those who torrent using his software and it only takes the one guy who uses it against ToS for his team to face legal challenges so why should he risk allowing the few good guys when he will likely face many more trying to use it to download GTA 5 or every newest version of games coming out for free?