TPT's LiquidSky CES 2017 Keynote Recap


Hey everyone, Zach here and I wanted to share my recent video that recap's the LiquidSky CES 2017 Press Conference/Keynote! If you like my recap, be sure to subscribe for more great videos in the future. Just an FYI: I will probably be taking a short break from doing LiquidSky videos until the 2017 Client is out with the new hardware, so that I can have time to work on some of my other projects. Also I have several other videos pertaining to LiquidSky so check those out too!


Nice video! Very in-depth and informative.

Some points I'd like to add:

  • I liked how you linked it back to yourself such as your own experiences and opinions on Liquidsky. Helps other users relate more from a consumer standpoint and how you gave examples of use cases for Liquidsky other than just for gaming.

  • Not sure if I understood correctly. But regarding the point you raised about the webcam USB support and user's who weren't able to stream before (with webcam) due to slow internet connection. Doesn't entirely benefit them since they're still having to upload their webcam footage to Liquidsky (so they have to upload data regardless and still bottlenecked by Internet speeds). However, it'll help those who don't have as powerful PC's that can handle so many tasks stream better.

  • You sound quite nervous with the Err's and Ah's.. Slow down and relax :smiley:

Anyway, I've subscribed to your YT and I hope to see more content from you in the future!


Thanks for the Sub! I'm totally an Introvert and I really started this channel as both an avenue to share my thoughts & projects, but also to grow personally. Slowing down is something I'm really trying hard to do as when I get nervous I start talk 100 MPH. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now on to expanded USB support. This is something that I'm personally very excited for. I do agree that those of us with horrible internet will still have that bottleneck, but this may still help us substantially. For example, many game streamers never show their camera full screen. The bandwidth to upload a 480P webcam is substantially less than uploading a 1080P stream(~20%)! I tried to bring this up in the video but I likely wasn’t clear and didn’t have the math to back it up at the time.

If you want to have the standard "game streamer" setup then a 480P stream will be plenty and you can also stream it at 30 FPS while streaming the game at 60 FPS to Twitch/YouTube and not really have any reduction in quality. That further increases the gap to about 10% of the total raw data required to do a 1080P 60 FPS game stream. You input data and Mic will add a little more that you'll need to transmit so say we've cut the data that needs to be uploaded down to 15%. That is quite the reduction.

Since I did the example with a 480P webcam, you could also kick the game resolution up to 1440P (if liquid sky adds that support) and then your webcam resolution would still be high enough to have the same pixel density between the game itself and your webcam. Some streamers do put more emphasis on their cameras so it would certainly be a fluid equation.


Your personality almost sounds like mine, I hate commentating but it has help my speech and it's something outside of my comfort zone. But yeah talking extremely fast about something I'm passionate about, I typically end up losing the people I'm talking to. I have a few LiquidSky videos as well, but nothing too in-depth as of yet.

I subbed as well, continue the good work. :+1:


Thanks, that means a ton! I've noticed that doing YouTube videos has helped me in my daily life to be more outspoken which is awesome.


Besides, Where can I get the full video of press release BY IAN in CES? Thanks.


I'm surprised LiquidSky hasn't posted it. It's not even in their Twitch Stream anymore.


I figured LiquidSky would post it. I have the majority recorded but was doing other work while watching so it's not perfect.


Hmm, yeah you do have a good point about it cutting down the usage in terms of uploading game footage :slight_smile: It does look like a great alternative for a lot of people! Perhaps, it'll catch on as Liquidsky further develops and gains more traction.

Ahh, things like talking quick and missing some points isn't too much of a problem. It all comes with experience and you'll definitely get better over time! Just look at very successful YouTubers now and checkout they're older videos. Just keep at it and I'm sure you'll make something of it!

Keep up the hard work! :slight_smile:


@zachbrownfield Last time I checked. They said they'll upload it to their Youtube channel sometime this week but can be delayed because of everything that's going on right now!


Alright cool. I didn't get the first bit so it would be nice to rewatch it as a whole.


Thanks for your kind words!