Trial waiting period


Hello Everyone, My name is dimitrios.
I have signed up to this website last week, and ever since I have received no trial. Could someone please tell me why? I know the company wants to get paid but let people try it when they sign up even for an hour with a free game or their own game, and then they will buy it. Give them like 1 free account per PC ...
I am just saying, I was supposed to be in the beta testing and the guy on skype never contacted me back after I said there was an emergency. I have recommended this to my friends, all I want is everyone to be happy and please accept our trial requests because I'm tired of seeing "Trial pending" every day.. I want to make sure my PC can run it before I spend my money on it!


I don't think you understand what Liquid Sky is. It is not a game client or launcher like Steam but rather a virtual desktop for downloading and installing games or whatever you would do on a computer. Instead it is what we call is a desktop-as-a-service which basically they give you a high performance virtual computer to use. You will have to wait in the line before you can get the trial. You can skip the wait by making a purchase for a subscription or pay-as-you-go. If you just want to try it right now, just buy 10 credits on the pay-as-you-go plan which will costs a minimum of $5.00 for 10 credits if you don't pay for a subscription. 1 credit = 1 hour on high performance and 2 credits = 1 hour on the ultra server that is double the power of the first one but if I was you to get my maximum time; just use high performance as it will work for most apps and games.


Thank you for your response, though I already know all that and it does not solve my problem, but it was just a suggestion to the devs.


Here the proof of liquid