Trials Removed (for now)


As some of you might have noticed, we have removed access to trials for new users. We have done this in an effort to prioritize our paying customers and as a result, current users can enjoy a more reliable experience and better server availability. There is no ETA as to when it will return, but when it does we want to make sure it is a good experience and reflects the full capabilities of LiquidSky. Thanks for your understanding!

Free test / Refund
How can i get free plan with commercial. Want to test the Produkt bevore buying.? O_o?
Free trial never got it
I didnt not get 20 minutes trail why?
Does It Works Smooth On Sri Lanka?
Liquidsky No Longer Working
Trial expired i never used it
Instale el Programa , pero lo quiero probar primero antes de pagar


Unable to log in or launch SkyComputer