Trying to purchase plan but cant?


Hey all, Im trying to purchase a plan for liquidsky to "skip" the free trial que and give this thing a go. However, once I log into my account and goto the plan page there are no clickable links in order to purchase a plan. I was able to do this last night but I cant seem to now?



Maybe if you read, you would know that the last day to purchase LiquidSky before it launches officially is Jan 6, which was yesterday. It launches officially in late Feb. so you will have to wait.


Yes, I realize that now after looking again. I had my days wrong. I thought I read the 8th last night before going to bed. Thanks for being so damn friendly about it by the way! Rock on man! :unamused:


If possible, please let visitors (and potential customers) know on the website that beta access has been shut down for the last three days and will remain closed for a month or two.

Thank you.