Twitch access has been blocked....? why?


I just wanted to watch some Twitch streams using LiquidSky because my own pc is too slow to do it, but instead of a normal stream i get a white page saying i have been banned from twitch....

I immediately went to check if that is correct and i have indeed been banned (although i have no idea why) on my normal pc, but i can start Twitch streams just fine over there. Which makes me think that certain IP adresses from LiquidSky have been banned by either twitch or amazon.

PLEASE, please fix this! by telling twitch that that is not correct and that ip addresses are liquid and can be used by just about anyone, or something like that.


Hey dunpealhunter,
I suppose you need to open up support ticket yourself with twitch.


Its possible that LiquidSky has a static IP address for each data center and twitch may have banned Liquid Sky and not necessarily you. I don't really understand why but I guess that is just the way it is unless someone else can clarify.


LiquidSky uses dynamic ip addresses. static ips are expensive that's why they don't use them.


Well if isn't ip address, it could always be something different with any unique identifier such as your mac address even though that could be changed.