Twitch AMA w/ LiquidSky CEO on 7/24!



Come join this handsome devil while he plays some games and answers questions from the community. The stream will start July 24, 2018 9:00 PM (Europe: Paris), July 24, 2018 12:00 PM (America: Los Angeles) (3PM EDT) and last 1 - 1.5 hours. Feel free to post some of your questions below, otherwise join us and ask your questions live. Follow us on Twitch so you don’t miss out!



A small and fast question: WE HAVE THE Beginner plan and the pro plan… What about adding an ULTRA PLAN? A plan that eats more skycredits per minute but is REALLY POWERFUL? For editing and maxing the graphic while doing other cool things like recording at 60 Fps GTA V with MAX GRAPHICS! It’s just an example… Thank you!


We’ve toyed with that idea. We don’t have the resources currently, but who knows what the future might bring. Truth be told, you’ll likely see a hardware upgrade before a rollout of Elite. Just speculation.


Thank you! Really! I appreciate!


This is the same day as the GTA 5 update. :sob:


One question when will liquidsky add play store payment method


So about the liquidsky being able to run in a web browser?

Glad to see one of my suggestions put to good use lol Just wanted to say its such an amazing feature if this works out this is it, the only other really useful thing would be your own client like what Moonlight does but Liquidsky I think that would be useful for other OS’s Really freaking cool I am very happy to see this!

Hilarious lol Cheers!