Twitch Game Launcher Installer error reports non 64 bit windows


Greetings! I am attempting to install the Twitch Game Launcher for the game called Breakaway. During installation the app is reporting an error stating it will only install on a 64 bit version of Windows. I am pretty sure our Liquid Sky version of windows is in fact a 64 bit version so I wonder what might be causing this error.

The Twitch Game Launcher and the Breakaway title itself are currently in Beta so perhaps the issue is on their end but figured I would post here first as I am unfamiliar with the internal workings of the Liquid Sky system and have never before seen an error message quite like this.

If anybody wants to try installing for themselves the URL for Breakaway is -
Only a Twitch account - - is required to sign up to play the game.

This game is only playable over this coming weekend so wanted to get it installed on my Liquid Sky machine in case my home system isn't powerful enough to run it. FYI, the install went flawlessly on my home 64 bit system which again is why I am posting here first.

Thanks for reading!