Twitch streaming


After a few days of fiddling around, I am ready to start Twitch streaming using an Android device. Webcam working? Check. Microphone? Check as well. I would say this is my first major project with Liquidsky and I have achieved it despite being under the weather with this nasty cold and having to work overtime. I actually got a couple things working with my downtime at work :wink: Seeing as I am under the weather and it is getting late, I am sticking with local recordings tonight, but I will see you all live tomorrow morning :slight_smile: Sick or not because this is just too cool not to do :wink:

Thinking of Streaming Usign Liquid Sky... How do I go about it?

Wow. Great effort here then, good job. It would be intresting to see any bugs or issues you run into during the stream.



If you’d like any help let me know… I stream exclusively from LiquidSky.


Doing some final tests and if successful,will be live soon.


We are going live!! Twitch tehhellhound666


I would say that went glitch free outside of some framerate drops due to the demand on the GPUs here.


Was only able to get a short glimpse. But it was looking good. :+1:


BlissfulDeathWish - I see you aren’t using a facecam. Is this by choice or is it still a limitation of the platform? I set up OBS on my SkyPC today to quickly see that my webcam or my mic weren’t detected. :frowning:


I was using one during this morning’s live stream. No, the client does not support it directly. I used third party software to stream my image and voice to the Sky PC to use in xsplit.
I am likely going live later from my girlfriend’s on my tablet and will use a cam there.


In terms of facecam/webcam no there isn’t support.
For mic same thing but people have been using this workaround:


To use the microphone workaround, you can also use a Discord to Discord connection instead of Teamspeak using the method that @dontran726 linked up.

If you’d like to have a webcam, you can use something like a Skype to Skype connection, and pull it up as a window source in OBS.

But I choose to not have a webcam on my stream, because of privacy, and I want to keep my viewers LOL I’m 1 stream away from meeting my requirements for Twitch Affiliate.

Watch live video from tehhellhound666 on


Yes… it is possible to stream on Twitch… Thanks to LiquidSky, I was able to stream on Twitch. I wouldn’t have been able to do so without LS since I have a potato computer.

How much is it possible? Here’s proof…


That’s a pretty good idea.


Congrats on making affiliate!


Is there a big delay on voice ?


No there’s not because I use a Discord to Discord connection using 2 accounts. Not different than if I was gaming with someone else.


Not sure if you mean me or him. I use an ipega extending game controller now with an app called WO Mic with my phone in the controller. Latency is near 0, even over LTE combined with a VPN to facilitate incoming connections with firewalls/NAT that I do not control. I also have an IP camera server with a virtual IP cam to webcam bridge driver on the Sky PC. They show up in xsplit as real devices. As a bonus, I have floating windows for the microphone, chat, and hotkey controls. I am able to be just as interactive as anybody on a local PC. just check out my last broadcast because I think I’m getting the hang of this.


I have a potato desktop with 2 monitor setup. My microphone is an Audio Technica 2035 connected to a Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 usb interface.

I’m connected to my Discord server locally, and on my LiquidSky, I’m connected to the same chat on my server with the mic muted. I have it set to voice activity and not push to talk, so its always live.

I use VBCable and Voicemeeter Banana to act as a virtual driver that I have not only set in Windows, but also in Discord, which OBS calls up as my microphone. Doing it this way, I can use in-game chat as well.

My second monitor, I have my Twitch chat open, as well as streamlabels so I can keep track of followers, etc.

I don’t run a webcam for various reasons, but I could easily do so if I wanted to.

I have zero latency when it comes to my microphone. I’m very interactive with my viewers, probably more so than even a lot of my friends that are long time streamers.


Thank you for sharing your details on your set up. I’m using the Scarlet 2i2 as well. I was concerned about audio fidelity loss, butt that doesn’t seem to be an issue in your videos I’ve seen. In the past I’ve seen Voicemeeter Banana slowly fall behind, causing timing issues. Have you seen this?

With your configuration, using Discord the way you do… If I am reading it right, b/c of your two accounts, you can hear your Discord chat locally, but also feed that into OBS as a second sound source and have it in your stream. I think you may have solved my problems.

I have some testing to do. I really do appreciate your help.