Two problems with liquidsky, delay and didnt got my coins



Hey Community / Liquidsky Staff´s.

I´ll got a little problem, i buyed 1x beginner package for a mate. I tested it myself for 5 minutes and everything works well. Im 600 km away from the datacenter and the performance is good. my mate has the same isp and i sent him the account, he´s atleast 300km away from the datacenter, got same upload and double download speed as me. the problem is, he got extremly delays on the liquidsky machine. upto seconds, so its unplayable for him.

Now the next problem, i created a second account and buyed myself the prestige package. i payed over paysafecard and the money got paid. now the problem i got is, that i have 0 coins on this account. could the staff´s plese check this?

Edit : logout & login again helped got the 6,000 credits. atleast theres now just the problem with my mate.



Was just about to suggest the logout/login fix, glad that’s already resolved.
Your friend’s issue could be hardware related. What are his exact system specs? Like, cpu, gpu, os version?


Thanks for the fast reply, well my mate got a better pc then me at all^^ I guess that would not be the problem.
He is playing pubg on high with +70 frames. I cant even play it well on my system, but will ask him about specs when hes back. We will maybe try to switch to another location and check it then again.

Otherwise there was some other small issue, on the account which i buyed for the mate i had the possibility to grab a referal code. i decided to give him the acc, take the code, made a new one and buyed myself prestige. but we didnt got the extra coins, its not a big problem at all, but atleast it should work i guess.



Alright, let’s wait for the exact specs. Maybe it will help if your friend turns hardware acceleration off.

Regarding the referral code, if something didn’t work as intended, please contact support, they can sort this out for you (


Win 10 1803
2x 4GB DDR3 (1600er)
R9 280X
AMD FX 8350

DL : 480.000 kbit/s
UL : 25.000 kbit/s


Alright, that seems fast enough. :wink:
Have you alread tried to disable hardware acceleration?


are you serious? Those speeds are very low


definitely :joy: :joy:


480kBps = less than .5Mbps, so much likely it will not work since the speed is too low. Try streaming a 1080p YouTube video and if it buffers, sad to say you need to upgrade to something faster.


Yes, the minimum recommended speed is about 10x more than what you have listed.