Two Questions (beta and new LiquidSky)


Hello I'm new and I'd try this new service! I have two questions: Is the Beta finished? How work the new performance packages? 240credits PER hour?!


The new liquidsky will launch in february


new version of Liquidsky is slated for release late feburary early march.


Is the Beta still avilable? If I buy now one of the packages avilable will it work?


The last chance to purchase beta skycredts was 6 Jan...

Also assuming that we'll get 60 new skycredits for any remaining old skycredits (as we've promised they'd roll over), and standard gamer plan will be 1 new skycredit per minute...


Beta version is now taking place under the NDA . We have to wait for February. Buying a package will not allow access to the new version.