Ultra Performance Query


I was just trying the ultra mode to see the difference between normal and the higher powered machines. Anyway I loaded up GTA5 and it looked ok but wasnt amazing so I started tweaking some of the settings (i.e turning on MSAA and some other lighting changes) and it was performing worse than my normal laptop (which is a geforce 860GTX), it also said that I had about 2gb video memory which I was expecting it to be far more on an ultra box, so I was assuming ultra boxes could run almost all modern games at almost full settings in 1080p so are my expectations wrong here?

As all the information implies that normal systems should run recent games at 1080p with high settings and the ultra should run the most modern games at full settings without problems.
I have just tried the resident evil 7 demo too with almost highest settings on ultra and it is about 10-20fps, so would love to find out some more on this, as i was hoping to use this for high end games and run not so graphically intensive ones locally.

I would expect the game rendering speed should always be around 60fps even if there were network or decoding problems, it said the decoder was CUDA not sure if I should be using the Nvidia one or changing anything else, but I would love to get the most out of this service, and I have 3 friends who are interested but until I have my results to show them they are a bit hesitant to try it themselves.

(I originally posted this on the reddit channel before I knew this existed)


Yeha I have recently received a beta key to Liquidsky and was all excited to try it.
Downloaded overwatch through battlenet and tested it (awesome speeds btw!!). Bearing in mind I was testing this on the ultra tier.
Anyway, after checking all settings, setting the video to a CUDA decoder and maxing the performance on the liquidsky client (ethernet connection, 80MB connection) I start playing.
Turn on all the options (Liquidsky promises their ultra tier can play all modern games on ultra and overwatch is not even that demanding) and start a quick game. FPS counter show between 24-42 FPS.
I am, to say the least, disappointed. To think I was even considering bypassing buying a new gaming machine for LS and then finding out the ultra can't even run overwatch properly is quite bad.
I did check I was running on the ultra tier and all settings were as they should. Video streaming was perfect, but the game suffered from low FPS.
If someone from LS can enlighten me that would be appreciated.
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Well I don't have a beta access but I will give you my personal opinion even when I haven't used the product so. I think medium settings are good thing to pick since FPS is not improved in liquidsky.tv that's why it's on beta but it doesn't make a huge gameplay impact since the virtual machine is based on a server which can multi-task easily since it has so many graphic cards. 40-60 FPS will make you to think well derp my laptop does 120 FPS so not worth it, well is a virtual machine and it has to try it's best to send as many packages to you which is hard thing to do since your router might have limits. In my personal opinion liquidsky.tv should ask for support from microsoft or try to ask for help from game companies.


ultra tier uses a 2GB GPU so this should be noted before any assumptions made of the current Liquidsky but come March between the 1st and 7th when the new LS arrives it will have at best a 8GB GPU or even on pro tier it has a 4GB GPU so much more gpu power alongside them upgrading the OS from 8 to 10