Unable to activate or puchase credits on old account


Sorry if this post is in the wrong section but I feel it's a bug.

I have an old beta account and I'm able to access it and log in, additionally I'm able to download, run and log-into the client.

When I log-in to the client it tells me to either "Create SkyComputer" or "Purchase SkyCredits".

I've tried both options with isssues. The first to create a SkyComputer doesn't work because I don't have enough credits.

The second to purchase SkyCredits redirects me to the website: https://liquidsky.tv/en/my_account

I get the following page and information:


You've been granted a free trial, but haven't created your SkyComputer yet.
In order to initiate your 1 day free trial you must create and log into your SkyComputer.
This can by done from a Windows, Mac, Linux or Android device. Download the appropriate app for your device below.

I'm stuck here and unable to move forward. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks for reading.


You have to wait for March or watch out for news and get the opportunity to sign up for testing . Those who bought the tariff until January 6, can use the service.
A message about skipping this bug. At the moment, the influx of new users is closed due to the global update.
You can get acquainted with the new system while waiting https://www.dropbox.com/s/xca284yn77s0anj/LiquidSky_CES-PRESS-DECK.pdf?dl=0