Unable to connect


I'm currently unable to connect to Liquidsky. I get a network error. Is this a spread issue?


same here. I can't connect to Frankfurt server.


I am not able to login to the Washington server.


Looks like the client can't connect to the Liquidsky servers.


same here, strange thing is that the android client can connect O_o


Yeah, same here.
They're probably working on it as we speak though. :slight_smile:


I hope to see a new update to fix stuff. This is a real inconvenience as I can't play elder scrolls online. Please fix it. Thanks!


I've just recieved works from support. It should be up again shortly.


Yup, same issue attempting to connect to the San Jose server.



It works fine but got the origin bug back so i'll need to reset i guess sad face


All the servers are offline :pensive: