Unable to login to my account (Incorrect Email/Password)


I have reset the password countless times, the account does exist, the password is correct. Reset page confirms that I reset my password successfully.

My main account is xDeathwing.

I would appreciate some help.



Contact customer support.


Make sure you put the punctuation at the end. I made that mistake.


Repeat your password plus put capital letter at the beginning and _ this comma in the end?


You need to create a new account its a bug for now use a new email we will fix yours by contract support they know what to do.


Man, I had a similar problem to you, the way I got it to work was that make you're email is written in all lower cases.


if you are having some problems with your account logging in make sure you retype every thing email and password with every thing also try unchecking the remember me you could also try restarting your hole pc it seems like its a problem with the client as you need to log in to comment here in the community you could uninstall the client and reinstall it with restarting your hole pc as well if non of that fixes it you should contact liquidsky support


Do you still have this issue?


Nope, thank you. I tried resetting my password on another browser and interestingly, worked.


Great! Closing this thread.