Unable to play games without lag or screenbreakup


amd 9590 4.7ghz 8cores + Sabertooth R 2.0 Motherboard - 8GB's Ram
1gb GTS450 Graphics card
also tried a 1gb 650 Nvidia Card
240gb SSD 550mbps read
Hard Wired connection - 1gbs (true speeds are around 780 to 800)
Upload is 500mbs
Connected to the london data centre
My Router is a Netgear R8000 Nighthawk

I'm on the unlimited package and have tried both the Normal and Ultra settings
Tried playing GTA 5 & H1z1 as experiments and neither are playable. I've reduced everything and still no change, i get really bad lag to the point where the entire sessions stops, goes white and returns even slower than before.

I've tried everything in terms of getting better gameplay, including resetting a few times and tried different data centers. (i.e. Frankfurt). I've tried 720p/30fps, reduced the quality setting to 0 :slight_smile: - I'm at a loss as to what to do next!

Appreciate it's beta and happy to help with the service, but not to the point where i can't test at all.

Appreciate any advice or assistance with this, i'm really excited about this service and have already tried to convince others to join. But maybe still to early.

Other machines i have tried are as follows and all have the same symptoms, regardless of settings or being hardwired/wireless?

Surface Pro 2 - 4GB Ram - Intel HD Graphics (Wireless ac - avg 270mbs)
AMD A10 7850 - 8GB Ram - AMD Onboard graphics (Wireless ac - avg 300mbs)
AMD A10 7860 - 16GB Ram - AMD R7 (Wirless ac - av 270mbs)


Usually when I have unexplainable lag and screen breakup, it is becaus of the video decoder being used. Have you tried changing that?


Hey - Yeah tried changing the decoder settings with pretty similar results. Software was the biggest lag with constant white screens and there is no difference in symptoms between Cuda & Dxva. Really is frustrating. Im a veteran gamer getting back into the swing of things after raising a family :smile, thought this might have been easier than purchasing a big rig like I had in the old days of battlefield 2 / Counter Strike ! :slight_smile:

I have a ping of 1 lol and quite decent hardware as it is, so can only assume its skys end. Ill keep at it and seeing if i can find an optimal solution.

Thanks for your suggestion however!



Have always several lag too that appears sometimes, and even for the sound. Hope they will be able to fix that soon...


How much is your network latency & local latency http://puu.sh/s8iy4/040c4e20a2.jpg that you can see on top


Hey, Network is 10 and local is 0. But network does spike between 10 and 104, local spikes between 0 to 30?


I was using Bootcamp on my MacBook Pro to run WIndows 10 a lot, and after the latest LiquidSky update it didn’t matter which video decoder or settings I used, there were still lots of lag and screen breakup. I suspect it might be an issue with the codec they are using with certain graphics cards.


Hmm spike between 10 and 104 is pretty high, maybe you can try fix something and see, when i was on vacation i played with 4g as internet and it was really bad too with high spike
And for update issue maybe.. i don't know i got none about graphics cards or anything thank's to god :pray: