"Unlock The Sky!" LiquidSky Final Beta Key Giveaway! entrie prblem


I tried registering for the beta key giveaway. The form states that there are 5 entries required to unlock the giveaway and a total of 8 entries available. However, there are only 3 offers availble for me to do (youtube, facebook, and twitch). I first thought this was due to the giveaway being over but there are 30 hours left. I really want to play games such as overwatch and csgo with my friends as I am unable to afford good computers like them and liquid sky seamed like a great oppuritnity to join in. Being a person living in thailand there is a lack of internet cafe and finding out that I am unable to complete the survey that could finally let me join in on the friday night gaming is really disheartening. Please fix this asap thank you.
Ps. Sorry for bad English
<3 u all


Are you sure these it is still effective, I thought they are not.


Just wait till March when the NEW PLAN released then.


On the form it said there were 30 hours left so i guess not