Unlocked FPS So Gamers Can Actually Enjoy Using LS


I mean I don't know how else to say it, the locked fps is ruining the fun for gamers. I tried playing games like League Of Legends and Overwatch and the way they run is abyssal on fps. Any game that was made in 2010 or later will be hard to run with the current fps lock, without screen tearing or just a slideshow. Even on Arma 3, at max settings the cpu could run at over 150 fps (I know its locked at 100 as well but considering I would say it could run 150) but thanks to the fps lock it runs at 65 fps and the game is hardly playable.


The stream is 60fps.
What's the point of 5000fps in game when you only get a 60fps stream about it? lol


I dont know what kind of potato internet/computer you are using to run LS but I am running LS with a laptop from 2012 and I get 200+FPS on league in LS with no tearing. All settings on VH