Unsynched mouse

  1. When I try playing a game like Overwatch, or Minecraft, the inputs seem to be very delayed. This is probably something to do with compression, and I know Liquidsky is only in its early stages, so I won't complain about this too much, but also...
  2. The mouse in Minecraft doesn't seem to be locked. It's like, drifting around on the window, not actually locked in the game. Like, when I move my mouse to look right, the mouse hits a border, and I stop moving. I can't just keep scrolling to look in one direction. I have no idea what might be causing this.


Hi Again, to solve the minecraft problem push f12 key when you are playing minecraft

If your imput is very delayed maybe is becouse you dont have a closer datacenter or you have bad connection to internet

You can see the ping in the window of liquidsky, if you have more then 50, is unplayable


If you need any help just made a new post, oh you can send me a message