UPDATE : Still cant play


So I asked for help about liquid sky, I still can not playt any games, no matter how hard I try, I was using WiFi so everyone was telling me to get ethernet cable since I already tried other fixes. Well you won, I got ethernet cable, even bothered to get it over my wall. And guess what? NOTHING! Still same, can't even play, ms to FrankFurt 30ms, but whenever I move mouse ms goes to 500+ and all pc just lags. I spent money trying to fix this, bought new router, ethernet cable, even skycredits, and still can't get to fix this. I'm really disappointed.


Try deleting the LS lib folder and LS will do its tests and downloading over as your computer needs to be re-calibrated again. You know the little hardware test when you first launch LS for the first time so I would try that first.


Done, it slightly fixed the problem, but still unplayable.


Hey thewits,

Out of curiousity, what kind of specs are you running on locally? What are you computer specs?



Hello thewits,
It seems you are having issue with your internet connection. I'd open LiquidSky menu (F10), uncheck Quality Slider Auto checkbox and slide it down until my connection is stable.

Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/75a3743046a4c66206e9296c03c6238d



If you have 30ms network latency, it should be enough to play on LS.The problem may be on your hardware. What GPU, Processor and Ram do you use? Anyway, if you get 30ms, you will be able to play using third party software like I did (and still do sometimes).
Also, let us know your internet speed.


Done that too. Did not help.


Internet speed is about 10mbps.


I use Gt 610 1Gb GPU, Intel Pentium duo 2.4Ghz CPU, 4Gb DDr2 Ram.


Here Is the video - http://sendvid.com/qmsh68cj . Done it with my phone.


Yeah, that should be enough. I guess you already updated your drivers, right?
Until you find a fix for this issue, why don't you use Steam In-Home Streaming? If your windows is 64bit, you may have a better option too.


In streaming deosn't detect my computer, or I'm doing something wrong? Could you give me details on how I should use it ?


Yeah, I forgot to mention. Download zerotier in both your computer and the skycomputer, create a network for zerotier, put both computers on the network, assign an IP for each, ping each other. That should be enough, but if you still can't ping, disable your skycomputer's firewall to see if that's the problem.
Also, make sure to limit the bandwidth usage on steam (your pc, not the skycomputer). Change settings to find the perfect solution for you.
Is your PC 64bits? If yes, there might be an easier solution.


Bump this, still havent solved the problem.


Honestly liquid sky really does better with one of the newer processors. Anyway to see a friend's laptop would work better at your house? Also 10mbps is pretty low which may be your bottle neck. You will need to switch the resolution and fps to 720p and 30 fps respectively.