Updated Mac Client


Is there any news on the update of the mac client? :slight_smile:


I just received a response from support where they stated the Mac client should be released in the next few days. Hopefully that means before the weekend :slight_smile:


They said next week on SnapChat :slight_smile:


Thank you Nadejde!

I think it's quite unusual that these kinds of updates are given through a medium like SnapChat. :confused:

Well, I hope this community forum will be the go to place for all LiquidSky related information in the near future.


Marketing people :)) nobody gets them:P


I hope this time we really see it! :smiley:


I would also like to know.


Its coming :sunglasses:


What's new in this release?


The week came and went without an updated Mac client :cry:


And they've stopped the SnapChat updates now. I've not seen one for more than a week now.


Have been waiting for so long :frowning:


Well, I don't mind waiting another week, month or year (well, maybe not year, but you get the gist).

What I do mind is not being kept in the loop about it. I was kind of hoping this new community forum would be moderated from the start and these kinds of questions would get some kind of official response.

Oh well.


I had the same feeling. In the end, this is a official community, I was expecting more visibility and exposure to LS announcements, but apparently they are pretty quiet here as well.


This is getting silly now, for me the current mac client is a disaster and I am having to bodge my way into making it work with USB sharing apps for my MOUSE and the likes. Would like an answer sooner rather than later. now as it's just a bit of a pain.


Is there any update to this? The second post had an update that say a few days two weeks ago and the third post said that it would be in the next week, again two weeks ago.

Has there been any update on when the new Mac client with the hardware mouse improvements will be released?

I asked support about this a while ago and I was told that the development team was busy perfecting hardware decoding on the Mac client, and that was the reason for the delay in the release. I'm not sure how its been working for everyone, but the quality of the stream has been more than decent enough for me. The real issue with the client is that its almost impossible to play games like WoW.

Would it be possible to release an interim update with just the mouse fixes while the issues with hardware decoding are solved?


Windows client via wine works better than native one(


It's a massive shame this is the case as whilst I am ok using Wine etc on my MacOS partition i'd rather use native if i could help it.


Does Homebrew work better than CrossOver?


Homebrew is package manager for MacOS.
Looks like you meant Wine. Crossover is just paid and tweaked version of wine for most apps.
LiquidSky windows client works without installing any dlls via winetricks on wine 1.8.5 from homebrew repo. I've tested it in different wineprefix as usually use wine to play some simple/old 3D and 2D games and have some libs like .NET 4.0, different DirectX, XNA installed.