Updated Mac Client


I received an email from their support yesterday, saying the client would either be released yesterday before end of day ( which didn't happen ) or today.


The amount of deadlines they have promised and missed I am not sure if i believe them anymore :confused:


Anyone have any updates regarding this? Are we looking at a release tomorrow or by the end of the week?


LS staff can you give us an update on the progress of Mac client, we're being told different dates, times days and it never happens, been like this for few months and its ridiculous now


"end of the day" :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


IT'S HERE: http://blog.liquidsky.tv/2016/12/08/liquidsky-mac-client-update-patch-v0-40-beta/


Rather than just update you guys on our progress, how about we just release it ;D


Except for the fact that the download is still 0.37. Good job announcing and sending out emails before verifying that the update is posted. :rolling_eyes:


In the update thread, devshard seemed to believe that the link should actually be updated, 3+ hours since the update though and the files still haven't changed ( though the path to getting to the download link has ). It's possible this has to do with bad CDN behavior, but after three hours I would definitely have expected that file to have perpetuated. ( there are still services that take up to 24hrs to clear cache for similarly named files though, and this download is definitely at the same path, but if that's the issue liquidsky needs a better CDN or configuration )


I saw your post in the official update thread first, so I replied with screenshots of my client and date modified along with the download link I used there.

Wouldn't a CDN error be uniform? I could upload the new dmg file to a mirror somewhere if you'd like.


Aha! For those of you still waiting on the CDN cache, you can get around it :smiley:

using curl from a terminal use:

curl -o LiquidSky.dmg "https://cdn.liquidsky.tv/assets/LiquidSky.dmg?ver=6"

then open as normal


Unfortunately, this can vary by locale, and attempting to bust the CDN from the browser for some reason isn't working, but curl got around it fiine.


Here's a mirror for the update .dmg file until everything starts working right: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-O1FH_rID2JdWtKdlFvSXMxOWc/view?usp=sharing

Its a little simpler than forcing it through Terminal.


Thanks, worked perfectly. Now I got 0.41. I'm Special :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yup, CDN still points to 0.37. Cheers to those of you that have found ways around it. :slight_smile:


Thanks, it really works


Well James, you create an app, let beta tester run and report bugs, fix the bugs, add in some features or optimization..hand over to tester..fix new bugs.... This loop can continue 2-5 times before the actual release. The more bugs you find, the more you fix and longer it takes time. Products that run vigorous test and bug fix works better :smiley:


Yeah I understand, just they promised a date they cannot stick to :slight_smile:


lol… I guess not… I just switched to Mac… errr…


I know it sounds schizophrenic, but you can install Windows as Bootcamp partition for gaming. Worms Fine for me on my 2013 MBP and LS.