Updated Mac Client


Wow guys, bringing this back from the dead.

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So how about an update


If there was an update, I’d let you guys know :wink: .


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Hmmmm. Any news ? I want to try it on my mac because it is not working on windows.


Sadly until the PC and Android clients are polished up and all the kinks ironed out the Mac client is on hold for now. Although how exactly is it not working on windows?



It says cant connect to sky computer even tho I tried:
wifi with 5 ghz router
checking the firewall
the internet speed was 70 Mbps and 15 ms latency
I used it on my android device and it was working how come ?
i USED UP AROUND 30 credits just restarting the sky computer and It is still not working.


Hmm, were you trying to use the PC client around the same time as you were able to connect to Android or did it work at separate times?


No first I tried the PC client and it didnt work then I closed it then installed it on android and traaaaa it worked
please help


What are the specifications of your PC?


Macbook pro mid 2017 13 inch
Windows 10 home lunched with bootcamp
I5-7360 2.30 Ghz
8 gb ram
Intel Iris plus graphic 640
Aspire Technology Solution
20.15 Mbps down
I am in St Andrews


Hmm, have you ensure that all is working on there (tested last year on BootCamp and it worked perfectly)? See if you can make a firewall exception for LS (assuming you have the appropriate antivirus that allows for that). Sometimes a whole bootcamp driver update might also work (you’ll need a spare USB and have to go back to Mac and run a repair in the Bootcamp Assistant Manager [or whatever program it is that allows you to use BootCamp- can’t remember since I haven’t been near a Mac device in a while]). Haven’t really used LS on BootCamp in a while.


Thanks will try it. I tried to deleting my sky computer then starting it again it worked for like 1 min but the video keeps shattering.