USB headsets with Mics Support


I have seen many threads about USB but I don't think this type of USB device has been mentioned. I really need support for my USB gaming headset with Mic as Table Top Simulator under Steam is unplayable as text chat is not fast enough and slows down the flow of the game as people without mics have to type and the board games are all ran by players.


Hey there, In the Meantime i have been using FlexiHub and it has been working a treat. Shame about the cost as i don't think i can really justify that cost once the free trial expires.


I have been using flexihub but the voices of other users are frequently distorted at least in table top simulator on steam.


You can use this software. U need to conect to teamspeak at both devices. It works great.


I have tried that also using a walk-through and it still wouldn't work and I kept messing around with the settings to get it to work and both client were in the same teamspeak server but I had no success.