Used to work, now it doesn't


So what happened? I used to be able to run LiquidSky on my linux machine @ 1080p 60fps perfectly. Now When I try and log in, it doesn't load anything. Just kicks me out to the log in screen again. I've usually run it via Playonlinux and it doesn't work. I have tried different wine versions. I even tried to run Liquidsky via wine without Playonlinux. Still, no luck.

Nothing has changed on my end. No new linux updates that may have caused an issue. Is it an account issue? I just played Overwatch on it yesterday.

Any idea?


I can still make a Skypc connection with the Linux Wine solution.
I am using a skypc in London.

Installed wine according the manual i wrote:

Maybe you having a ISP issue with connecting to the LS resources ?