Using both buttons on mouse (Android)


Playing games using a keyboard and mouse on my android tablet is great apart from the mouse. As android only detects touches when a mouse is used, both right and left buttons do the same. Yes there are ways to do right click but games where you use the mouse to move the camera are impossible to play correctly. I know other apps that allow the use of the right mouse button like it was plugged into the pc. Remotr lets you do it and I’m sure it can be implemented into liquid sky.


Android has issues with that since day 1 of OS launch. You can do a fix but it requires root but I suggest you avoid that as it voids your device warranty.

An Android TV app has been said they were planning to do as it will help out people who own Nvidia Shield devices be able to use LS without problems, so you might have to wait a while…


Hello! Could you please explain or give a link to how to fix it? I`d like to play WOW with nvidia shield TV but with this issue is very complicated… Thanks!


You can try checking stuff out at the XDA forums but that’s all I can provide since I do not want to be held responsible if something goes wrong.