Vanishing credits


Today I logged in my liquidsky coz i haven’t used it for a while… or checked up on it for at least a month, to my horror I noticed at least 5000 credits has suddenly vanished from my account. It can’t be normal for credits suddenly start disappearing, deffo not ones you pay for anyway.

Also how do I go about ending my subscription… I’ve come too a point where I don’t use my liquidsky account anymore because since Xmas I’ve built my own gaming rig which I’m more than happy with and don’t feel any need for liquidsky at the moment…

It’s been a pleasure to been a member of liquidsky for the past 18 mths watching it grow and become something amazing, but feel it’s time too hang up me gaming boots in the cloud :sun_behind_large_cloud: and concentrate on something more down to earth :earth_africa:

If I request to unscribe will I receive a refund on all my credits or will I have to use the rest that’s remaining on the account?..

My grandfather account was cheap enough but I just feel I’m paying for something that I just don’t use anymore, if somebody can help me with ending my subscription it will help



It should be at the end of the email of when you purchased credits (or sub).
The vanishing credits had to do with a bug and it apparently affects on older accounts. I got hit as well.
If you can’t find the confirmation purchase email, send in a ticket.

Its very likely that it will be option 2. I would say just keep the rest of the credits if say you want to game on mobile from time to time.


I lost also 5000 credits >:(


Send a ticket with support please. Aries or support staff can sort it out.


Does this mean my subscription has been cancelled?

I clicked on the cancellation screen from my email back in… 2016

and this is what it said… Have I cancelled it by clicking the link or not?


Send in a ticket then. I was meaning on the most recent auto sub/purchase email.


Thanks for your reply… There isn’t a cancellation link on the latest email subscriptions it only appears to be the first… Thanks I will send a ticket :ticket:


It’s okay now… Dontran thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I sorted the subscription cancellation out with Xsolla spoke on Live Chat, they’re cancelled it for me.
As for the missing credits I’ve PM’d… LiquidAries he’s normally good at sorting problems that need resolving

bless his little heart!


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