Vertical red line in center of screen


Sice a few days I am seeing a vertical red line in the center of my SkyComputer screen. I can resize the client any which way, restart just the client, restart just the SkyComputer, restart both, the red line remains right in the center!

It doesn't make my games unplayable (the frequent multi-second SkyComputer freezes and graphical client glitches take care of that!), but it is damn irritating!

Anyone else seeing this?


can you post a screenshot of it.


Seems we all get varying experiences, I usually get a strange green tint to my screen from time to time that stays there for a half a minute - a minute sometimes.... and I of course experience the multi-second complete freezes and choppy feed constantly.


Did you try removibg and redownloading the client just to check.

There are three constantly annoying things in the android version with the "earn 100 skycredits" popup everytime, the quality slider streaming at full quality everytime I open it even if The slider is at the other end and the steam client being extremely choppy at times but for some reason I have no issue once in game.


The red line was very persistent, but since logging the bug, I - of course - have not seen it again!